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Staying fit and healthy whilst we travel can be a challenge but we've brought together a list of the best tips to make sure you feel fit as a fiddle on your next flight. Check out the video below or read on to check out our advice and leave your next flight feeling rested and refreshed. 

Did you know all our tips are vegan friendly too?! 

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Stay Hydrated 

Take a water bottle with you.  We recommend Chilly Bottle's, they can be filled with hot or cold water and they're also eco-friendly! Empty before TSA and you can re-fill it in the airport, there are plenty of water fountains you can use to do this. During the flight you can ask your air hostess to fill your water bottle (with hot or cold water) for you at any time.  I did this on an 8 hour flight and I swear I felt better at the end of the flight.  By just having a water bottle on you it makes you more conscious of how many liquids you are consuming! It'll also help with the recovery of jet lag and make the journey more enjoyable. 

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Keep Moisturised On Your Flight

A face mist can make you feel super fresh while you're travelling especially if you're on a long-haul flight where dehydration seems to occur almost instantly! Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist is a natural, cruelty-free, vegan and it smells delicious! 

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Find Your Nearest Vegan Restaurant When You're On The Go

A kick ass app called the Happy Cow allows you to search for vegan restaurants according to your zip code/destination so you can find the best vegan restaurants near you.  Great for trying new restaurants and for also finding out where the best places are! The app is free to download, available for Android and Apple phones, and can be used on any wifi or 4G network. If you're flying long haul most airlines now offer a WIFI for a small fee. 

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Keep Comfortable, Bring Your Trtl Pillow 

This is not specific to only vegan travellers! Any traveller knows that the journey can be super tiring.  I know you hardly move for around 3 to 4 hours get your meal brought to you and can watch as many movies as you wish BUT somehow you tire out quickly when you're on the go.  Bring along a sleep aid like the Trtl Pillow so you can relax and drift off with out getting that head bobbing feeling. 

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Always Bring a Snack OR Pre-Order Your Meal 

Snacks such as nut butters can be a great food source when you're travelling.  Our favourite brand is Pip and Nut, they also do travel packs! Chopped veggies and fresh fruit such as blueberries or apples can be a yummy snack on the go and are also easy to carry in your bag.  Just take your favourite tupperware and fill up! There's also an alternative food wrapping paper called Bee's Wrap which is sustainable, washable, reusable and compostable! 

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Interested in more vegan tips? Find out which airlines offer the best vegan cuisine here

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