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Commuting can be stressful at the best of times. With many of us heading back to the office and new rules being introduced on public transport to keep us all safe, our commutes have become a whole new ballgame. So how can you make the most of your commute time, and arrive at work feeling cool, calm and collected? We’ve put together a quick list of top tips to help you travel stress free and make the most of your day!


Take A Walk

Next time you’re commuting, try getting off the bus, or subway a stop early and walk to your office. Although you might need to get up a little earlier, this gives you a quick way to increase your daily exercise without the need of a sweaty gym and gives you a little fresh air before your day begins. Walking has been known to decrease stress, improve sleep and can even prevent heart diseases! 

Make Commuting Fun

Let public transport do the work. We’ve all been known to reply to work emails on the subway; try to limit this and take your commuting time to RELAX. Give yourself something to look forward to - a podcast, tv show or book you save for just your commute. Having something you enjoy waiting for you makes it a little easier to head out the door in the morning. 

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Keep It Clean 

Using public transport right now might feel a little scary. That’s OK! Having sanitizer, a protective mask and alcohol wipes can help to keep your nerves at bay. Avoiding the aisle seat and keeping bags off floors and tables can also help reduce the spread of germs. Knowing you have hygiene covered will help to keep your stress levels down and allow you to head into your daily routine with a positive mindset.

Travel With Time To Spare

We’ve all been guilty of being the Snooze button’s best friend. Challenge yourself to get up 10 minutes earlier each morning to see if your commute is easier. Adding some cushion time to your travel estimates means that if something goes wrong you’ve got the luxury of extra time to get to work. If you don’t need it you get some extra time to prepare for your day or even grab your favorite breakfast!


The daily commute can be a necessary evil for some but we hope our tips help make your commute a little less stressful. At Trtl, we believe every form of travel should be comfortable and enjoyable and we would  love to hear your thoughts on how to commute in a stress free way!

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