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As travel restrictions globally begin to ease, many of us are looking forward to our future travels, but also reassessing what it means to travel - whether that’s for shorter journeys made day to day, or for longer trips further afield. According to the World Tourism Organisation, international tourist numbers could be down by up to 80% by the end of 2020. The increase in popularity of staycations and local breaks reflects a huge shift away from the world of long haul flights, jet lag and excess baggage we’re used to. A survey of US-based frequent travelers found that while 65% of respondents were looking forward to international and domestic travel, 83% of respondents were looking forward to a staycation within the USA for their first trip.

airport arrivals departures timetableTraveling in the wake of the effects of the Covid-19 virus have really changed the way we think and feel about travel. Some of us may be feeling nervous about getting back out there, others maybe can’t wait to pick up their journey where they left off. Even more of us might not even know how we feel - it’s a brand new situation & we’re all doing our best to adapt. Here at Trtl we’ve been thinking hard about how we can best support our community of travel lovers, as we all adjust to the requirements of travel in the new world. We’re looking for ways we can help support anyone who’s thinking about traveling again.

Although the new rules, regulations and restrictions can be confusing, and even stressful, we believe this is a great opportunity to explore what we love most about travel, even when we’re staying closer to home. The concept of slow travel promotes a focus on the destination, with limited itineraries, and slower transportation (think walking tours, meandering road trips and train travel, rather than red-eye flights and express lanes). The new restrictions and regulations being introduced are of course essential to reducing the spread of Covid-19. But they might also encourage us to explore a slower, and maybe more mindful travel, where we take care of the places we visit, as well as ourselves. We believe this careful, and considerate attitude is something we can all develop, on the journey as much as when we arrive at our destination. 

road tripSo with the changes to travel still being worked out, what does taking care of ourselves and healthy travel look like now? As we start to return to travel, we think comfort is still a top priority, but we’re shifting our focus to look at the new ways we can support the health and wellbeing of our customers. Health has to be a focus on any journey, whether that’s the route to your dream destination, an exploration of hidden gems close to home, or a short but essential trip. We believe that the future of travel must include a focus on the safety of each individual traveler - we won’t feel comfortable traveling unless we know we’re taking all the necessary steps to keep ourselves, and those around us safe. We believe that it’s important to take precautions for any length of trip. Preparing correctly for your trip is the best way to ensure you’re safe and healthy. This is something most of us are used to in the context of long haul or international travels, which tend to need a little more pre-planning. If you’ve been concerned about returning to travel, preparation and knowing you have everything in place to make your trip as safe and trouble free as possible can help to ease your concerns a little. 

Our very first product, the Trtl Pillow, was designed and developed because we knew we could improve on the traditional, U shaped travel pillow and offer better rest and relaxation to travel lovers the world over. Sleep is essential to help maintain a healthy body and mind, and here at Trtl we believe that staying healthy while you travel is not only possible, but the best way to make the most of your trip. Cleanliness, hygienic practices & health go hand in hand - this is more clear now than ever before. With that in mind, we’ve been working hard to develop high quality, innovative, and effective solutions to the new challenges travel poses. We’ve been focusing on how we can support the day-to-day traveler, with products that work for shorter and more frequent journeys that are starting to be reintroduced to our daily routines, like commuting, shopping and day trips. 

public transport subway tubeWe’re excited to introduce our new ranges, featuring products designed to promote healthy, safe travel through high quality products with the innovative design features Trtl is known for. The team here at Trtl have been researching how we can best support, protect and empower our customers to travel, commute and work with confidence. Our upcoming products are carefully balanced to ensure that you can be certain of the highest possible level of protection and comfort. We’ve taken care to ensure we choose the most effective ingredients and materials to provide protection for commuting, traveling and everyday life.

We really hope we can help inspire our community of travel lovers to make the best of their new travel opportunities, by providing everything you need for a happy, healthy and safe journey. We’re looking forward to our own travels, and getting back out there - while making sure we’re taking the best possible care of ourselves, those around us and the places we visit, whether close to home or far afield. 

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