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As much as everyone whats to get a tan when the sun is out, it’s essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. There was a time when factor 15 suncream was known to offer a sufficient amount of protection under the majority of conditions, but in recent years, more protection is desirable to avoid burning.

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There are multiple reasons to wear a higher factor suncream, and the main reason is dependent on your skin type. Deciding what skin complexion you have and how prone you are to burning, will help you decide which factor to use.

Very Fair - if you always burn easily and never get a tan from your time in the sun, you should be wearing a suncream with a factor 30 - 50+.

Fair - having fair skin means that you still burn easily but you can get a minimal tan for sitting in the sun, you will still need a factor 30 - 50 factor.

Light - Having light skin means that you still burn moderately, but you can build up a tan. A low factor of between 15 - 30 is advised and its essential to continue to apply suncream even when you begin to get a tan.

Medium - When you have a medium skin tone, you will tan really well and only burn minimally. It is still important to apply suncream with a factor between 6 - 15 avoid any skin damage while working on your tan.

Dark - Although people with dark skin will rarely burn, it’s still vital that they apply sun cream to avoid skin damage. Using a low factor between 2 - 10 will help prevent harmful UV rays and avoid dangerous skin problems such as cancer.

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Regardless of skin tone, reapplying suncream every 2 hours as a minimum will significantly reduce the likeliness of sunburn or skin damage. Even with waterproof sun care products, it's important to check your skin to see if it feels dry in between applications, as in hotter weather it might be a good idea to apply your suncream more.

The factor number is identified by the efficiency of the lotion, an SPF -30 for example, will allow around 1/30 of the suns burning rays through to your skin. Being overly cautious the first few days of a holiday or being in the sun will help you to grasp the quantity and how often you need to apply.

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